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By Richard Lewis at October 5th, 2012


Dr Martin Murphy

Dr Murphy is the Clinical director and architect on the NHS Wales IT program in NWIS, the Caldicott Guardian for NHS Wales and a practicing GP.

Welcome to my new monthly guest blog for BMA Cymru Wales about the development of the information systems that support your clinical work in Wales. The blog is an opportunity for me to describe how we are tackling the issues of communicating and sharing information electronically and for you to have your say and contribute to this work. 

The blog will cover a number of themes ranging from specific products that are being rolled out across Wales, to the impact of modern technology and wider issues about how these may affect our relationships with our patients. 

I have recently published a new information systems strategy for comment here .

This reviews the progress we have made on developing and rolling out information services across Wales which you may have used including the IHR, WCCG, MHOL and Test ordering, medicines and discharges etc in the Welsh Clinical Portal.

The strategy highlights the next steps – focusing on records, community systems, supporting communication with social care and how the Welsh platform supports clinical networks and reconfigurations under discussion. 

I am very interested on your views on the way forward. We are asking for comments by the end of October. Please send comments back via this blog. More in-depth commententry on these issues can be found at my blog and on Twitter @MartinMurphy001

As a final issue in this introductory blog I would like to draw your attention to, the BMA guidance on using social networking tools. This can be found here .

Great advice on staying out of hot water when using social media. 

Contact Martin:

Dr Martin Murphy 

Clinical Director NHS Wales IS



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